Tigray Community in Minnesota
ማሕበርኢ ሩ ብ 

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Membership fee

Dear ETCMN members. We are because of our community and we are for our community.

                 In order to keep our offices open as well as mark the various days that are important to our community, we seek to collect monthly dues from our members. We hope all of our members join hands to strengthen the community that was formed to improve our cohesion.


One could make online payment in two ways.

1. Our members can sign up for reoccurring $10 to $15  payment(see BELOW).

2.  Alternatively, make one time payment for a duration (Please include a note indicating purpose).

               We the ETCMN board together with our larger membership, have started process of raising funds for intended purpose of purchasing our own Tigray Community Centre. We have a proposal document one can review to get an idea of the scope our project if need be.

               The aim for our community center: We intend to give various social services, community specific advocacy, outreach to advance our community's interests and welfare.
Please Consider contributing and becoming stakeholder in the building ownership.

 *transparency is important to us*
for any questions about processing payment : email us - info@etcmn.org

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Community Center Building Ownership 

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