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ETCMN Board approved a 2 year operational plan

Posted by TCMN on February 12, 2018 at 5:15 PM

On Saturday February 3. The ETCMN board held a meeting to discuss and pass resolutions on three issues.

The board discussed on 2 years operational plan presented by the chairman and endorsed it. The board also discussed about changing the community website and passed a decision to change the website from www.mntigrayna.org to www.etcmn.org. The logo of the community was also discussed as a third agenda and the chairman was tasked with creating a new logo with the inputs provided by the board members. 

Read highlights of the 2 year plan below



Our vision is to be a strong vibrant community that promotes social change and keeps our cultural heritage through encouragement, communication and community education.

Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to make each individual and family in the community an informed, successful and law abiding citizen by

• Creating venues for collaboration and encouraging entrepreneurial spirit

• Becoming a source of information to our members for academic and professional development.

• Providing services to kids of the community members with no distinction to prepare every student to succeed in a diverse and interdependent world.

• Establishing links with different non-for-Profit communities to exchange information on topics relevant to their community.

• Initiate, develop and implement developmental, educational and cultural ativities with other community organizations to help kids and parents gain cross cultural understanding.

• Support members during hardship


2018 - 2019 Strategy


Establish a community center that will host the ETCMN office, community gathering hall, and also serves as educational and events venue.

Mobilize all community members (first 6 months)

Develop business plan (two months)

Raise fund (Until Building is bought)

Buy the building (by end of term 2 years)

Create administrative organization (by end of term 2 years)

1. Mobilize all community members

Increase number of members that pay membership fee to 150.

Get commitment to establish community center from atleast 75 people by end of June 2018

–Do root cause analysis to understand why majority of the community is not actively participating and take actions

–Conduct survey (February 201

–Brainstorm cause and effect (February 201

–Develop action plan (February 201

–Implement plan (by end of June 201

•Improve Executive board processes and activities

–Review and update bylaw Improve website, logo (by end of March 201

–Strengthen Kids Tigrinya school(March)

–Improve communication(on going)

–Represent the community and take actions (on going)

–Improve Membership fee collection methods (By end of March)

2. Develop Business Plan

Develop, review and communicate a clear business plan that details Building requirements, financial plan and administrative plan by end of March 2018

• Define building requirements

• Research financial options

• Build on the work already started by the previous board

• Clearly define ownership and asset management

• Create fund raising plan

3. Raise Fund

Collect at least $500K by end of March 2019

• Collect pledged money from members

• Other fund raising activities

– Voluntary services, grants, loans etc..

• Ownership as an investment

4. Buy Building

• Define building requirements

• Search building

• Clearly define ownership

• Buy building

5. Create Administrative Organization

• Define responsibilities of ETCMN board and building administration

• Clearly define financial assets and liabilities

• Create operational plan for the community center


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